Skype Task in a German Primary School11835710/23/2017 11:46:08 AM this task, two remote classrooms engage in an online communication using Skype as a platform to enable real-time exchange. The learners in the German class are 7-8 years old and it is their first year of learning English as a foreign language. In the pre-task, the teacher used the IWB to set the context by showing a map of France and pictures of the partner school and classroom, which helped the learners to understand that the communication would take place in English as a lingua franca. Additionally, the German learners watched a video of a French learner, in which he gave some information about himself. The core task was to record a video selfie, upload it for the French learners to watch, and then engage in a real-time online conversation using Skype. Each learner had a partner in the remote classroom, assigned by the teacher. Since the French learners are third graders and have more experience in EFL, they led the conversation by making three statements about their partners, to which the German learners answered by saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Two statements were ‘correct’ (the German learners’ task was passive: to listen and confirm), whereas one of the statements was intentionally ‘false’ (the German learners’ task was active: to listen and say the correct sentence). Once all three statements were stated and corrected, the German learners repeated all the information, and showed a paper with their name, age and favourite colour. 239251979
Puppet Pals task in a German primary school11985810/16/2017 5:45:02 PM this task, the learners created a short animated scene using the Puppet Pals App to describe a funny monster. In the pre-task phase, the teacher played a series of games with the learners, helping them recall the vocabulary related to numbers, colours and body parts (Heads Down, Simon Says, What's Missing, and so on). The teacher then introduced the main task: to draw a monster and then make it talk. In order to perform the task of making their monsters talk, the students needed to draw a monster and use the Camera app to take pictures of it. In the core-task phase, in pairs the learners created a short dialogue describing the characteristics of their monsters and recorded it in the Puppet Pals App. In the post-task phase, the final versions of the animated scenes were displayed on the IWB. 208629362
iMovie ‘What’s in my bag?’ task in a German primary school12295910/16/2017 5:45:35 PM this task, learners created short video clips describing the content of their school bags. The primary motivation was to share these videos later on with a remote class in France. With the help of their teacher, the learners decided to use the iMovie app since it is easy to use and it enables the user to combine photographs, audio recordings and text. The learners worked in pairs to ensure peer support and active collaboration. Apart from providing a model and explaining how the app works, the teacher only monitored the learners’ work enabling them to complete the task at their own pace and relying on their own resources. In the post-task phase, the finished outcomes were presented to the whole class using the IWB. 234826383
eBook task in a German primary school13196010/16/2017 5:46:14 PM this task, a group of primary school learners in Germany create ebooks and share them with primary school learners in Wales. In the pre-task phase, the teacher set the context by giving more information about the geographical position of Wales and some information about the school. Additionally, a model ebook was shared with the learners, giving them a clear idea of what the final outcome might look like. In groups of two, the learners worked on their own pages: identity page, favourite food and drink, favourite films and books, and favourite toys. In the post-task phase, pages were first corrected and then shared with the other learners in class, before being sent to the learners in Wales. Due to the privacy rights, material from the Welsh school is not featured in the video, but was used in the classroom.214827768
Video-conferencing task in a German primary school35026310/30/2017 9:17:05 AM project involved online collaboration between two primary schools in Germany and France. Although located in different countries, the learners were able to share documents, annotate directly on their whiteboards and save the changes, with the help of the “Bridget Conferencing Software” which supports online collaboration. A webcamera, microphones and speakers were connected to the classroom computer, allowing full functionality of the software. The teachers designed and implemented two tasks which involved genuine exchange of information and use of English. In the 'Introduction' session the learners had a pre-prepared file with photos, gender, age, as well as pictures showing likes and dislikes. While one group took turns introducing themselves, the other one took turns completing (drag-and-drop tool) identity cards of the first group, followed by a change of roles. In another session, the two remote classrooms carried out a role-play which involved not only communicative exchange but cultural as well. The French learners went shopping at a German supermarket (pre-prepared electronic file) and the German learners went shopping at a French supermarket. 208630322
ChatterPix task in a German primary school56516510/30/2017 9:04:09 AM this task, a group of fourth-grade learners use a combination of two apps to create a virtual tour of London. The final outcomes were displayed in their classroom at the Doors Open Day at their school. In the pre-task phase, the learners worked on the vocabulary by reading small texts related to six famous sights of London. They were then put into groups of two and each group was assigned one touristic sight. In the core-task phase, the learners had to take a photograph of their assigned sight, and then make a photograph talk using the Chatter Pix app. This app allows the user to record a 30 seconds long audio recording. The learners had the freedom to choose what to say, using the original text as a guideline. Due to the nature of the app, they could speak, listen and then estimate on their own if they should repeat the recording or not. The animated photographs were then exported as video files and embedded into the Book Creator page into a picture of the map of London. 206402761
iMovie task in a German primary school97066110/16/2017 5:46:50 PM this task, the primary school learners were told that students from a neighbour university wanted to know more about their school and they were shown an iMovie about the University of Education, produced by university students. It featured pictures of the building, rooms, some offices, and the canteen, followed by a question ‘Can you show us your school?’ In a way, it was an invitation for the primary school learners to ‘respond’ to the university students, except the communication was not spoken, but via iMovies. Accompanied by the teacher, they took the iPads outside and made pictures of school areas (playground, cafeteria, garden, etc.). In the post-task phase of the task, the iMovies were played on the IWB. Later the same movies were shown to the university students. 214822261
Puppet Pals shopping task in a German primary school97316210/16/2017 5:47:22 PM this task, primary school learners create a short story using the Puppet Pals App, which allows the user to make animated scenes and add audio recordings. The story consists of three scenes: creating a shopping list, talking to the shop assistant, and paying at the cash register. In the post-task phase, the finished outcomes are shared in class and reflection was offered by the teacher. As the class has previously worked extensively on the vocabulary related to food, toys, classroom objects and sports, it was time to put them in action. Moreover, the learners have been introduced to phrases such as ‘Can I help you?’, ‘Anything else?’, ‘How much is it?’, and ‘Here you are.’ Since the task was to create a series of scenes taking place at a shop, the pair of learners first had to decide on the type of shop, the actors, as well as the items to be purchased. After gathering flashcards of the items, and the pictures of the actors, the learners added the audio recordings. In order to prevent mistakes, the pair of learners listened to their recordings and, with the help of the teacher, re-recorded them. 212478639
Welsh Virtual Tour31453126/26/2017 9:21:27 AM 6 students were given the task of creating a virtual tour of their school to advertise on their school website. Students were split into small groups and designated a specific area of the school. Each group was provided an iPad and a small recording playback device on which the teacher had recorded some Welsh vocabulary for the children to use in their tour. Children used the camera function on their iPad to film themselves introducing each area of the school in Welsh. Once all the groups had completed their short videos, they were saved onto the school’s online storage drive. Students were then able to access all the videos in their small groups and combine the clips to create individual virtual tours of their school. Using the AirPlay feature on the school’s Apple TV, students were able to present their videos to the class on the big screen. 193518822
Welsh Song31454136/26/2017 9:23:36 AM task asked the children to create music and lyrics to a Welsh song using the GarageBand app on the iPads. As this was the last year of primary school for the Year 6 children, the purpose of the song was to leave something behind to help teach the younger classes some Welsh phrases. The children were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and provided a list of vocabulary and sentence patterns they had previously studied, to use in their songs. Using the iPads, the children formulated a short musical composition and then created their own lyrics to sing over top. The entire song was recorded and saved on the iPads using GarageBand. In a following lesson, the children used the AirPlay feature on the iPads and Apple TV to present their songs to the class for feedback and discussion. 206407650