• Newsletter - Issue 5

    In the last week of June, the University of Education in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, hosted the last transnational 2-day meeting of the iTITLT2 project partners. One of the main goals of the meeting was to finalize the iTILT2 Handbook, which focuses on better understanding of the notion of task and taskbased language learning, and offers related practical guidelines for the creation of technology-enhanced language tasks.

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  • Newsletter - Issue 4

    The partners have spent the last few months carefully editing 5 minute videos – a new concept for this project - where the video shows the task cycle from start to finish. These videos will soon be uploaded onto the iTILT2 website.

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  • Newsletter - Issue 3

    The spring term of the iTILT2 project has seen the beginning of filming and teacher workshops, for all partner countries. The UK partners at Cardiff Metropolitan University have been continuing their work with the four participant teachers at Llandaff Primary School. They successfully led two teacher training workshops hosted at the school. The first workshop was designed to educate teachers about the use of technologies in Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT), and the second, to work in collaboration with teachers to devise, plan and construct resources for authentic language tasks to later be carried out by their students.

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  • Newsletter - Issue 2

    iTilt2 : in progress - All partners are currently in phase 2 of the project; we are beginning to meet with teachers and film their use of technologies in their language classes. iTILT2 Project Meeting in Nice, France - All partners recently attended the second transnational project meeting, hosted on this occasion by the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. The two-day meeting was very successful and all aspects of the project were addressed, allowing us to move forward with the next phase of project output development.

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  • Newsletter - Issue 1

    We were very pleased to be granted funding to take forward the ideas developed in the first iTILT project (2011-2013). The original project looked at using the interactive whiteboard (IWB) in second language teaching. but we are very excited to extend our work to look at the whole range of technology available to language teachers from primary school to university. The central objective of our new iTILT project (2014-2017) , is to promote effective foreign language teaching and learning by supporting teachers in their integration of a variety of interactive technologies into communicative classroom practice.

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