Meet All Six Partners

All six partners involved in the project were involved in the initial iTILT project and are teacher educators and researchers, working either in higher education institutions or as consultants for in-service training. All of them are involved in working with students and teachers in primary and secondary schools and university students. The partners all have a strong research interest in CALL teacher education (professional development in computer or technology-assisted language learning) combined with university teaching experience in CALL, educational research, language teaching and/or applied linguistics.

The project partners were led by Professor Gary Beauchamp (Cardiff Metropolitan University), a senior researcher in educational technology. Professor Euline Cutrim Schmid (Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd) and Dr Shona Whyte (Universite De Nice - Sophia Antipolis) are applied linguists working in CALL teacher education. Professor Jozef Colpaert (Universiteit Antwerpen) is Professor of Educational Engineering, Instructional Technology and a leading CALL researcher, while Ton Koenraad MA MEd (TELLConsult) and Dr Serkan Celik (Hacettepe Universitesi) have strong backgrounds in MFL and educational technology.

Other members of the team were Margret Oberhofer MA (Universiteit Antwerpen), Ruby Price (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Florence Garelli MA (Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis) and Anita Cvetkovic MA (Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd).