Secondary: Google Hangout for global collaboration (Belgium)3557547/5/2017 4:06:54 PM conferencingLife and Culture;Oral Interaction;Oral Presentation17-21SecondaryB2 Upper Intermediatestring;#223094289This video features a global collaboration between a high school in Antwerp (Belgium) and Park Hills (MO, USA). For the Belgian students it was part of their English class, for the US students it was part of the subjects 'Western civilisations' and 'American history'. The two classes worked together on different occasions throughout the school year to prepare, carry out and complete this collaboration. The Belgian students prepared themselves for the Google Hangouts by reviewing their geographical knowledge of the US and Missouri through a Quizlet quiz. Then they applied their vocabulary and grammar by writing a text on a current topic and introduced themselves on Padlet through videos, photos or text. For the actual exchange, the students in Belgium and the US got to know each other through the online bulletin board Padlet and through their personal social media (Facebook). In class they met through Google Hangouts – taking turns to ask questions on different topics relevant to them. They became aware of the differences and the similarities between the two countries. In a global Kahoot quiz the students tested their knowledge of global geography and culture. Afterwards they discussed the question: How does your own geographical and cultural background influence your perceptions of the world? After the online collaboration students in Belgium and US answered online questions on stereotypes and language usage such as: ‘Did you discover any intercultural differences during the Google Hangouts?’ Both groups discussed the results in class. The students stayed in touch via social media. Rich linguistic input;Learners using their own resources;Real-world outcome;Reflection on linguistic formHaving your students correspond with other students around the globe is an invaluable experience. If you want to do a Hangouts or Skype session with a class in another country, it is advisable to have a Hangouts with the teacher first to get to know each other. I really liked the introduction using Padlet. Having students react to the messages on the virtual pin board was a good way to start the project and to get to know each other. I was really impressed by the videos my students created. On Google Hangouts: We were able to discuss some really interesting topics during the video chats, such as health insurance, politics, education, and food. We were confronted with stereotypes (about American and European/Belgian culture) On the downside, not all students were involved during the video chat sessions. We also had technical problems during the first session and lost precious time to interact with the American students.I learned some new things about American culture so that's the reason why it was a useful experience.string;#