Who’s who? Primary EFL video exchange (France)574294711/16/2018 12:33:44 PMhttp://www.itilt2.eu/Lists/Uploads/editentry.aspxFalse223131129EnglishFrenchVideo conferencingListening / Viewing;Oral Presentation7-11PrimaryA1 Beginnerstring;#223131129Who’s who? In this task sequence, a French primary class makes a set of video selfies to send to a partner class in Germany, using English as a lingua franca. The German class does the same, and each class watches their partners’ videos to identify the pupils in a group photo. To prepare to record the videos, the learners practiced all the expressions they had learned to talk about themselves in their first term of English. They gave their names and age, where they lived, and their likes, and sometimes their birthday months or favourite colours. They recorded one another using iPads, and reviewed the results together. Once the videos were shared with the partner class, they viewed the German videos on the IWB, each child noting information on one particular pupil in the remote class. In a final session, the teacher recorded her pupils naming each pupil in the remote class photograph, together with any other information they had been able to understand and remember. The task thus offers ample opportunities to practice routine expressions, to obtain individual feedback from the teacher, and to reflect on their own performance in the short videos. It also offers a real-world puzzle to solve - who’s who? - and the chance to propose a solution and receive feedback on that. Learners using their own resources;Collaborative learning (collaboration);Real-world outcome;Reflection on linguistic formstring;#https://player.vimeo.com/video/223131096