Primary EFL e-book creation (France)31660446/27/2017 9:15:10 AM Presentation;Vocabulary7-11PrimaryA1 Beginnerstring;#223130989In this task an experienced generalist primary school teacher collaborated with a doctoral student working on technology-mediated classroom interaction in a task-based language teaching environment. The objective was to investigate the language learning opportunities afforded by a story retell task leading to the creation of an ebook on tablets. The task sequence began with the story “The wolf who wanted to change his colour” (Orianne Lallemand and Éléonore Thuillier). Learners created a storyboard to be scanned with an iPad. Using the app Book Creator, they used the audio recording functionality to add a soundtrack where they recounted their story. The final ebooks were shared with a partner class in Germany. The final outcome, the ebook, constituted a reason to memorise vocabulary and rehearse a fixed language structure, and provided multiple opportunities for learners to practice and receive individual form-focused feedback. In the first video, pupils are learning to use the iPad camera to capture images of their drawings. The teacher demonstrates how to open the camera, position the iPad, and snap the picture. She coordinates the group to make sure that the pupils share the tasks in a fair and effective manner. At the start of the clip, we see one group working independently without instruction. The second episode shows how the teacher sets up the activity carefully with another group, making sure the girls take turns and remain focused. The third episode shows how the teacher intervenes with the first group of learners to calm the pupils and show them how to collaborate to take the pictures. Collaborative learning (collaboration);Real-world outcomeAlthough there is no language learning in this clip, it is an excellent example of teaching to use technology. The teacher manages the whole class effectively to allow her to focus on small groups of learners at a time, both demonstrating the iPad functions and providing opportunities for learners to participate. The learners are taught to use the iPad, to take care while framing each shot, as well as to work together and take turns harmoniously. We might imagine that more advanced or older learners could benefit from a similar session taught partially or exclusively in the target language. string;#